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Co-Ordinates for Dunnottar Winch Park

26° 20' 11.552'' S

28° 27' 25.639'' E


  • Take the N17 highway going east.
  • The N17 starts at the Rand Airport toll plaza and goes east towards Springs.
  • Carnival City Casino will be visible on the right hand side as you get to the south of Brakpan and close to the next toll gate.
  • Go through the toll gate. You need to get out of the highway about 10Km past the toll gate on the Wit Rd Nigel turn off. Drive 8.2 Km South towards Nigel on the R51 road.
  • You will see a sign board on the left “Dunnottar Military base. Turn left at the sign and 30 m later turn right on a disused road. You are now going south and parallel to the R51.
  • There is a grassy field on your left hand side. This vast 2.5Km2 area is where we have our “office”
  • Look for us inside this disused airfield.



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