What is Powered Paragliding?


Powered Paragliding, also known as paramotoring, is a form of paragliding in which the pilot uses a motor to assist with the flight. The motor is strapped to the pilots back and has a propellor to provide thrust. Paramotors are lightweight, powerful and low maintenance. This makes paramotoring very portable and aviation's most affordable form of flight.


The greatest attraction of paramotoring, is the ability to fly in calm or light wind conditions. Paramotor pilots spend significantly less time waiting for ideal weather conditions and can launch without needing mountains or a winch. Paramotoring also provides the pilot with more freedom, being less dependent on wind and thermals.

The low maintenance and running costs of a paramotor also make it one of the most affordable forms of powered flight. Instruction in powered paragliding is inexpensive and quickly and easily completed.



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