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What is a Tandem flight?

In a tandem flight, a qualified Tandem pilot flies with a passenger. The pilot flies a glider that is specifically designed to take the weight of two peolple and the pilot and the passenger have separate harnesses, attached to each other and to the wing. They are towed up into the air by means of a tow line and a winch. This makes it possible to launch from a field. All that is required from the passenger is a short run at the start, after that, under the expert control of the pilot, the passenger will experience the exhilaration of flight.



Before flying, the pilot will brief the passenger on safety procedures, equipment and a profile of the flight. Thereafter, they will be launched via the winch and enjoy a 10 - 20 minute flight. (The duration of the flight is dependent on the weather and the availability of thermals and cannot be guaranteed.)

Taking part in a tandem flight is a unique experience for you to see the world from a new perspective, normally suited for those who seek thrills. Compared to other adrenaline hobbies such as poker or motorbike racing, this you can do in pairs. For a first time flyer, it often gives moral support and confidence if there is a qualified instructor with you the whole time.


Cost of the tandem: R 500-00

Payments are usually done on completion of a flight, but flights may be booked in advance and paid via EFT.

Confirmation of Flight

Unfortunately  flights can not be guaranteed on arrival. so it’s better to give us a call at around eight in the morning to enquire about the day’s flight plans and weather predictions. If the weather is fine and we inform you that we will be at the field it is best is to be there.  As soon as an assessment is made on the conditions a flight will be possible.

Weather Constraints

Passenger and pilot safety is priority. Weather conditions will assessed to determine whether its safe to fly. When the weather conditions are not ideal for flight, the flight may be postponed to a later date, but in general, we will wait until the weather improves during the day.  (In paragliding circles it’s called; “Para-waiting”!)

Midday flights, when the thermals are very strong and violent, are not for the fainthearted and we prefer not to fly in such conditions for safety reasons. Smooth, safer flights are mostly done during early mornings up to around 10:30 or after three o’clock in the afternoons.

For the very brave, the reward is longer airtime and more height gain but there is risk involved.

It is impossible to fly in the rain and winds stronger than 15kp\h.



Please take note that launching (take-offs) and landings requires some  physical input from the passenger therefore no alcohol consumption before flights is allowed and no person under the influence of alcohol will be flown.

Unfortunately persons with a heart condition, obesity, epilepsy or moving disability might also be problematic. It is preferable to use boots with ankle support when coming to fly.

Aborted Flights

Flights are done by winching and normally a second attempt will be done in case of tow line breaks or when a flight was aborted because of any reason whatsoever.

What you need

For your tandem flight, wear comfortable sturdy boots that protect your ankles. In winter, wear a warm jacket and long pants. In summer, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and a hat. You may be on the field for a while before you are able to fly. Also, pack a light lunch and something to drink. If you forget, there are shops a few minutes drive from the field.


Tandem flights are available all year round.

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