How it all started...

In 1998, Bradley Mundell founded SA Paragliding Tours. Bradley had just arrived back to South Africa after sometime in the Caribbean. Bradley grew up around the Harvett School of the SA Air force, as his father worked in the nearby mines.

Bradley was looking for a suitable place to winch and his brother suggested the Dunnottar airfield as the SADF no longer used the field as an airport.

Bradley brought with him from the Caribbean “Mad Max” a static winch that we was using there to fly tandem with the tourists visiting the Caribbean Islands. This static winch was manufactured in Canada by a company called “Vol Libre” by a Mr. Filipe Tibeld in a place close to Quebec.

On 26th June 1999 Bradley Mundel was joined by Tim Stiff and Dalene Stiff on forming “Paragliding Adventures”.This paragliding school set the standard in the industry with their high quality of training equipment. After a successful year at the school Bradley decided to stop training to pursue more actively his passion for flying.

The school run with Tim and Dalene Stiff from mid 2000 until November 2004 when it was bought by Carlos Rafael and Hendrik van Zyl. These two new owners learned the art of paragliding instruction, by working for the previous owners for about 2 years as assistant instructors.

The process was seamless and the new owner based their activities on what they learnt from the previous owners.

The only difference was the change of winching method from static winching to payout winching.

Carlos and Hendrik also felt that there was a need for including reserve parachutes in the student harnesses.

Today the entire student force at Paragliding Adventures fly with a backup reserve from flight one. This is not a requirement from the regulating organization, but a standard set by us.

Paragliding Adventures is 9 Years old in 2008, and have contributed to the paragliding community with vast number outstanding pilots


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