You may well have some lingering doubts concerning the sport of paragliding. Is it dangerous? Are you fit enough? Do you have the "RIGHT STUFF"? Legitimate questions to be sure.

The danger factor in most action sports has been exaggerated by the sensationalist press. The reality is that you are probably more likely to be seriously injured in your car on the way to go flying than you are actually flying. However, we are not ignoring the fact that aviation in general is not forgiving of careless, reckless and foolish actions. The often repeated adage. "Paragliding is as safe as you want to make it," is an accurate statement, for the attitude of the pilot greatly determines the risk involved. You can fly with minimum danger if you so choose.

The physical requirements of our sport are not too great. The equipment weighs less than a golf bag.  If you can handle a few long strides downhill and a walk off the landing field, then you can fly.

If almost anyone can fly, should they? The answer is no. There are certain individuals that are unable to maintain spatial orientation when they are moving in three dimensions (you probably know if this relates to you). Others have a confidence problem - too little or too much. An overly timid person may never have the will to step into the sky, while an overly bold individual may not listen to common sense. None of these individuals have a high probability of being a safe pilot and therefore should not enter the sport.

However for the vast majority, paragliding can be safe and extremely rewarding!

A typical paragliding training course lasts four or more days. During that short period you will be inundated with new information and sensations.  It must be emphasized that paragliding is a skills based sports. No-one is born with the ability to paraglide and must learn the necessary skills. It is normal to experience a period of doubt as to whether or not you can truly master all that's presented. This doubt is soon dispelled as you gain knowledge a little bit at a time, and build skills that soon become automatic.

Any fear of failure or heights you have will likewise be dispelled for you'll find that the necessary skills will come in a few trials and you'll learn to trust your instructor, your equipment and yourself.


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